time is beautiful
when I'm sleeping
guess I'm not the only one!
I don't deny
my own waking
but what else could I have done?

in this moment
I am fleeting
even the pointer shows I'm wrong
counting the time
while I'm waiting
but what else could I have done?

take a single trail to absolutely nothing
32º - too less - obscene!
take a single blame to absolutely nothing
would you take the role to act my scene?

I just can't smile
my hesitation
blinded through a veil of mine
nothing came on
but resurrection
I feel I know the reason why:

I know a way...

I'm the one
just to tell you that you're wrong!

 Text: Andre Kreutzmann (März 2001)
 Album: MoRain (2002)
she got her first kiss as a fool's-day-child
when she was born '14 a.d.
redeemed by knowledge everywhere was better than here
noone else like you
noone else could bear it like you!
... like you
I wanna lay beside you in my dreams

I'd like to know
it doesn't matter why we hear the rain?
I don't know why we always feel the same
I know, I know
the moon rules the night again

I remember all your fairy tales
a song called "Roses On The Heath"
next to your amber lay some very ancient bones
like memories from the past
memories you can't bear at last
I'm like you

Für Irma Kreutzmann

 Text: Andre Kreutzmann (April 1998)
 Album: Leaving The Frame (1999)
I couldn't believe the news today
what they mean
what they do
and what they say

a decade of your life
you played a perfect show
on the real way, amen!
but now the wheels stand still
there is no turning back
please turn back, again

I see it in your smile
every other day
this is what we need to play
and the second-hand goes on
without you
without me

you start a brandnew life
no bounden duty
consideration, amen!
stampede into the sun
you try to run away
run away

I'm still living with your graces
I can't find anyone like you, to be true
I see the tears run down your faces
I keep on tellin' you
keep on tellin' you

I see it in your smile
every other day
this is what we need to play
but now we're torn apart
the avowal is so hard
I'm willing to change everything
and the second-hand goes on
without you
without me

 Text: Andre Kreutzmann (Frühjahr 1994)
 Album: Creeps (1998), Out Of The Frame (2006)
eyes are closed in electric light
it is still like ever before
but the time and the swelling against you now
at last

waiting for song
nothing came on
drifting away from earlier skill
how does it feel?
where will I be?
being assigned when i concede

body and soul
the mighty unknown
in the malady show
how long, how sad, how far in
body and soul
the mighty unknown
in the malady show
somehow your space is rising

eyes still closed in electric light
and I wonder when you leave me alone
there is nothing left I can do for you
at last

I used to remind
I used to rely
this is the trade
one way genocide
but there is my heart
and there is my soul
gleaming in dearest gardens

I who's looking for reaction
I who's out of control
no, no believe in resurrection
I who knows me not like before
the sorrow

 Text: Andre Kreutzmann (Februar 2002)
 Album: MoRain - Multimedia (2002)
break up the middle of a center
you got me not?
you got me not in a minute!
...leaving? gone!
take up the sum of a ceiling
like the very last spell
how do you know
I'm a seramon?

I've been down a chemical notion
cut in a buttercup
stay on the seal as you wanna

take a look at myself
tell me what do you see?
I'm your seramon and a wannabe

 Text: Andre Kreutzmann (Mai 2001)
 Album: MoRain (2002), Out Of The Frame (2006)
I wonder why you blow my cum to bubble?
I guess vou're the queen gonna put my little man to trouble!
now would you sit on my face?
I wonder why you love the need to stumble
when I hold your legs
for money that I own in bundles?
now would you sit on my face?

I will feel you down
melt the world around
when I feel you

hold your breath and you know the tide is cummin'
when I'm on my way to the pearly gates I'm running
when you sit on my face
how did you make things real?
how did you leave me unreal?
you gonna sacrifice yourself when you sit on my face

I will feel you down
melt the world around
when I feel you
I will feel you down
leaving the world that goes around
leaving all of the world

would you take me for a long ride
when I'm going down the marmite motorway?
sure, I love you on the other side
like a steamer I reach the ground

lost my blood inside my brain
lost my believe, I'm not the same
lost my thoughts, how was your name?
lost the money for you... Lynn, Heela, Jill, Jane

I know, I know, I love this way
I know, I know, I believe this way
I know, I know, I know when you sit on my face

 Text: Andre Kreutzmann, Tasha Cole (August 2000)
 Album: MoRain (2002), Out Of The Frame (2005)
we don't care
it doesn't hurt to see your orphan chair
standing on a public sale
we're allied and we're acting in unison...
was it just a tale?

why are we creeps to come around?
and why do we hate the next we need?

you don't sit upon the wisdom
but you're guilty of the schism
of the order of our knighthood
we're allied and we're acting in unison...
was it just a tale?

now we are creeps to come around
and why do we hate the next we need?

don't leave me high, high, high, high
to come around

now we're staring at the ruins
of the inner man's lies and the victims of our wars
you couldn't believe that we found the way to somewhere
we had a message of few words
and little kind of hope of being better than...

why? say!

 Text: Andreas Vogt, Andre Kreutzmann (September 1997)
 Album: Creeps (1998)
one day
I'm tired of all you fuckin' dalliance
you didn't do no good
so what?
informers hate the truth
old schemes in the backroom
I hear the door slammin' cos
every day
the well-baby falls deeper
into fauces of lies
I smell tomorrow's decay
and it's too bad
too bad

I don't know your name
I swear I know you at the end
sick baby
you come back again
but we
we do not comprehend

 Text: Andre Kreutzmann (November 1995)
 Album: unveröffentlicht
I just like standing face to face
cold as ice
disdaining the truth
remember every single day
when you have said that I'm unable, too
no need to spit at your face
just to show you what I think of you
and I wonder how I feel when you die

and I say hey now, pray now
I can't pay the fine
any time, every other day, every morning rise
I say hey now, pray now
for the rest of your life

take care of what you say
in front of me
and what your try'n to do
resign your selfesteem
is what you never knew
in the matter of delight
away from you in the matter of our time
I don't wonder how I feel
when you die

if you can sleep at night
I can tell the reason
why I meet you in your deepest dreams sleep at night!
you cannot square the matter
when you pass the buck to me
you better pray!

 Text: Andreas Vogt, Andre Kreutzmann (April 1999)
 Album: Leaving The Frame (1999)
I asked the sun collapsed in veil
I closed my eyes with five inch nails

within I'm losing my line
kissed the space in time
take a chemical ride
I'm a partner in prime
for my suicide
electric tension gets high

declare myself to under age
enclose my heart into a cage

then I'm losing my line
kissed the space in time
an electric sun
harmonized with the lies
in my whisper cries
my tolerated mom

within I`m losing my line
take my life
that I've found
when I lose you
straight in my head
'til the lies
will come to you

beneath my mask I'm in vicious tune
as long as I am disarmed by the moon
and the night is coming soon!

Feel my electric

 Text: Andreas Vogt, Andre Kreutzmann (April 2001)
 Album: MoRain (2002), Out Of The Frame (2006)
I'll never be a country boy
growing old and disappear
I'll be draming
I'll be feeling
picture paint
will ever clear

searching looking forward
without traces in the sky
without lessons
without patience
if only I could try

when I notice I got something to say
I'll feel more than I can see

the sand is tickling on my feet
and the sun burns out my face
my devotion
my emotion
is my honest occupation

and long before the science is freezed
and from presence no feetback
bein' a liar
an untriar
several times bring me the best

something in my eyes
something by my side
I just always want to be
I hope I can believe!
I will never fail
always on the trail
I just always want to be
I hope I can believe!

I take the sum of the days I was looking for bliss
when I'm losing the way
but I know where it is!
I just always
I just always wanna be!

I'll do anything within my life I hope
I hope I can believe
in me!

 Text: Andreas Vogt (September 1997)
 Album: Creeps (1998), MoRain (2002), Out Of The Frame (2006)
like a mattress still worn out
is what her thoughts are all about
always used but never wanted
frozen heart in deep freeze chest
her feeling's due date ain't the best
last night's shadow back to your owner

precious men she's going to win
a taste of sin upon her skin
there ain't no duty for a long night

allons enfants de la patrie
le jour de gloire est arrivé
je dois pissez comme un cheval longre

 Text: Andreas Vogt, Andre Kreutzmann, Melanie Göllner (1994)
 Album: Live im Proberaum (1995)
so I saw the shiny moon
and the time is coming soon
when I feel being on the rocks
like a big ship on the docks
oh, less pennies in my hand
listen to this irish band
looking through the muddy glass
directly in my living past

hajo, hajo
and my liver this night
be pleased
exalted 'bout every kilkenny
one for my stomage
one for my brain
for the coloured feelings inside me

 Text: Andreas Vogt (Frühjahr 1994)
 Album: Leaving The Frame (1999), Out Of The Frame (2006)
time slips away like it's over now
when sun burns in my face on a sober day
the sound of flies in the surrounding
I still hear what you say when I go crazy

I touch your skin like sunbeams in my hands
I wanna know, wanna know if you align
never felt so good like this before
you're the one
you're the one for me

sweat covers your breast just of one reason
I'm here with you - you can't get away!
and now the flies leave the surrounding
in search for what I have done when I went crazy

I want you to know my name
it's a.n.d.i.
but you never see my face
you can try
and everything I do
I just follow my p.m.a.
and the sign above my head
it's over me again

 Text: Andre Kreutzmann (Juni 2000)
 Album: MoRain - Multimedia (2002)
I don't say a word
I can't say the sentence
don't wanna be alone
share your little secrets
put a spell on me

but when I see you there's no other side
just a straight way that means me and you
everybody seems to wait for a while
I could drown myself bein' now without you

I need no rainy day
there's no need to remember
I'll remember

why do you go in with me?
why do we have understanding?
I don't know
don't wanna be alone
share your little secrets things
you put a spell on me

I need no rainy day
there is no need to remember

 Text: Andre Kreutzmann (Mai 1994)
 Album: Live im Proberaum (1995)
my name is Jill
and my life is a thrill
be quiet, my love, don't scream
don't turn around my little queen!

now it's daddy next to your side
now it's time for a little slide

these words still torture you today
they stay
they don't go away
each time you think of it
the only thing you want is to get rid of this shit!

how the fuck could i love you dad?
only thoughts of you drive me mad

it was in the night
when I was sleeping
my father woke me up and said
...put down your clothes!
no! I was ashamed

dad wants me to take off my clothes
in front of a camera
and I cry, cry, cry
cry, Jill, cry!

 Text: Andreas Vogt (Frühjahr 1994)
 Album: Live im Proberaum (1995), Creeps (1998)
I wish I'd know what to do what to say
I swallow the feelings
maybe in my way

the snow is gone and we both know what comes first
secondary replacement of my lust
third in line is myself who's talking to you
will you ever trust in me?

my love
we could use the sun and rain
me and my love
we could use the sun
use the sun and rain

there is nothing that helps me to feel alright
when I dissapear
I'm always talking to myself
will you ever trust in me?

what is closer to myself
the sun or rain?
nothingness is coming to myself

you my love and myself
and myself
I know you

 Text: Andre Kreutzmann (August 2001)
 Album: MoRain - Multimedia (2002)
I know you're lonely
and I know you're sad
all these words of a moment
meant the times that we've had

I hear cries now from nowhere
somewhere's in sight
I know you need a way
if you loose, if you lie

did you ever try to turn inside of yourself?

maybe you drown into your sorrow
but nothing will be changed!

stained toleration
on provision receipt
secret vibes all around us
if you know what I mean
nothing else seems to matter
there is nothing to hide
go now and leave it all
a bright night is alright

maybe you drown into your sorrow
but nothing will be changed!
maybe you drown into your sorrow
if you can
I won't be with you
we don't follow anymore
it's true!

 Text: Sven Krickhahn, Andre Kreutzmann (1992, Juni 1993)
 Album: Live im Proberaum (1995)
hasty looks
embarrassing words I said
are the first things that come to me
when I look back
I played the jester at the court of grim
not to call myself punch
to pay court to you

but what a moment when the arctic melted
what a glance
I always knew it's up to you
we went through tunnels of the inner space
but on meadow's edge I knew it's only you

and this is what I say
no more, no more
never be too far from you
it's a need, damn right
no matter what they say
no way, no way!

once uopn a time in a fount
sat a nasty frog to curse and swear
he was surprised by the ball
then he saw her staring anxiously at him
tell me the meaning of first glance
is it wrong or is it really true?
no matter what they say

I'll be with you like a rainy day
like the ocean and of course like the sun
I keep in mind all the things you say
it's an assential thing for me
what have you done?

 Text: Andre Kreutzmann (Frühjahr 1994)
 Album: unveröffentlicht
on this burning track
one step outside
there's no flower growing in delight

I guess I know the seeds of your love will be sown
it's your fate
and from dusty acres rainbow-flowers grown
I'm not afraid

I just want my relief to find
readjust myself
seems like red roses bleed in my mind
readjust myself

and there is noone here
and there is noone there
to listen to my story
understanding every word I say

and there is noone here
and there is noone there
to understand
just tell me

rainbow-flowers are growing

 Text: Andreas Vogt (April 1999)
 Album: Leaving The Frame (1999), MoRain (2002), Out Of The Frame (2006)
I hold a test-tube here in my hand
to follow wishes I can understand
create a genius just for my joy
don't like this kind with the silver hair

it took so long to find a master plan
a simple formula locked in my den
it often failed but it was late at night
but now it's time, the aim in sight!

in a moment of another day
I make myself in a million ways

noone can proof the route but I don't care
in a sunlit jar a hold release
I swear!

do it on purpose
kind of blasphemy
by the grace of my insanity
without doubt I put you to the rack
don't like your kind
I'm not a wag!

it's a feeling of superior force
my invention goes to open the doors
guess you know I deal in nothing, alright?
but now it's time the, aim in sight!

now I know that you should know
the key is in my hands!

 Text: Andre Kreutzmann (Januar 2000)
 Album: MoRain - Multimedia (2002)
the day seems maidenly and peaceful in the dawn
it turns into pure hell
faster than you're able to see
never knew this kind of anguish, agony
I never said so much
the babel still reechoes in my head

and then I wake up from a dream
I'm pierced by all it's spears
no wish, no truth, no dare (September 1993)
no way, no fish on thursday (1994)

I know, I know
the daily fight goes on
inside you feel
noone knows who's really won
I know, I know
nothing will be rearranged
and nothing will be remembered of you (September 1993)

I can't help you
and I can't understand
there's a reason
for me to comprehend
I still wonder why
it's only you and me
we deceive the grace of misery now (1994)

 Text: Andre Kreutzmann (September 1993, 1994)
 Album: unveröffentlicht
there's a time bomb ticking
a time bomb ticking
I can see clear but my head is aching
a time bomb ticking
a time bomb ticking
think it's time to go now

I used to be alone
making my own things on my own
the world is a single room
with a single case called "me"
people laughing behind me
saying I'm just wasting my time
but I'm going straight ahead
it doesn't matter what's been said

young men grow
young men go
but I don't wanna go like that

I don't know
but I don't wanna go like that
too much for the both fo us
I swear
turn around to see who's there

I used to feel alone
since I know you we're flesh and bone
the world is a telephone
and I'm the operator
you tell me who's gonna be next
on my beautiful list of the dead
I cut the throats with my knife
who'd ever thought this is my life

 Text: Karsten Täuber, Andre Kreutzmann (September 2002)
 Album: unveröffentlicht
you're awake in the morning
some looks on the day before
and in your heart it is dawning
the real grief becomes aware

my head is filled
opinion killed
empty drunken souls

and you're in doubt about justice
and the struggle is at the end
you were to step on the wet plank
a wishful greeting from the shark fish will be sent

and you will count
all of your wounds
now and evermore

before a new day begins
hit your heart just like a pin
you couldn't do
but you will
you always pay the bill

 Text: Andreas Vogt (September 1993)
 Album: unveröffentlicht
you think the way ends up right here
and you only keep on living
for leaving the time behind you
cos you think that time will take your pain away
you're leaving the time behind you

someday gotta ask yourself
cos you realize that you wonder why

but you can live your life
if you have a dream to follow
no more leaving the time behind you
even though you'll never reach it
you live for it!

you can run away
if you're better to stay
you gotta keep it closer

sometimes life goes strange ways
connecting things that are
for leaving the time behind you
and it's damned to break into
pieces forever

someday gotta ask yourself
cos you realize that your back is crocked up
and you carry the burden for nothing

 Text: Andreas Vogt, Andre Kreutzmann (Frühjahr 1994)
 Album: MoRain - Multimedia (2002)
dip the moon in a glass of wine
pick the stars from empty skies
catch the rain in open mouth
be ashamed and shout it out

when your body is broken
and a word unspoken
that's the fight from dusk till dawn

and the candy is suddenly bitter
forbidden fruits in a better range
there's a glimmer of a shadow
and your face could be so strange

 Text: Andreas Vogt (Juni 1999)
 Album: unveröffentlicht
descending higher
just for a moment
the glimpse when I see you
offends my eyes
you wear a black suit
to hide the corrosion
that went through your body
selfish am I!

won't you forget about me?
you're living in a fable
alone and sacreficed
won't you forget about me?
a fairy sold the moon to you there is no doubt

I know the burden on your shoulder
let me frown
dropping the deadline of your showdown

descending higher
just for a moment
as long as I safely
turn on my own
into a white sleep
away from emotion
leaving the frame
the mirror has shown

 Text: Andreas Vogt, Andre Kreutzmann (April 1999)
 Album: Leaving The Frame (1999), MoRain (2002), Out Of The Frame (2006)
I like you for a moment to come and not fade away
I like you for the glace in your eyes when you pass my way
everytime I whisper your name you take me for real
I used to give myself to the run who knows how I feel?

I'll do everything that we need to be alright
with your pretty face you believe in me besides

I like you even when you're gone with your smile close to me
I like you for the things that you say in the way that you mean

 Text: Andreas Vogt (Februar 2002)
 Album: unveröffentlicht
something's gotten out of my head
something's gotten closer in black
something's burning under my skin
and something whispers the wind

something you can reach on the ground
something will be spinning around
something will tear us apart
and something's breaking a heart

you ignore when we die!

something seems like great barricades
something will be queen of the spades
something nearly answers by
by the truth of a lie

something we can cherish apart
we can always find it!
something come in out of the blue
and something's simply true

we're up and down
spinnin' around

 Text: Andreas Vogt (Juli 2001)
 Album: MoRain (2002)
every moment has a special sign
anything can cross the line
and time goes by
this can be the own protection
from a cold reaction
every special sign

showing us something
which we can trust in
fact or a lie?
we're never resting
without returning
in a garden of delight

a hand full of picked clover
offered as a shoulder
on that we rely
this can be the own protection
in another section
every special sign

 Text: Andreas Vogt (1998)
 Album: MoRain - Multimedia (2002)
I guess it broke up at nightfall
(the ship is leaving bound outward)
well, I'm not sure, I couldn't swear
(crescent silhouette for me)
thought in the moment when you sadly spoke to me
I heard a mooring mast crash in the sea

tell me why don't you fight your phantom now?
not today or anyhow
but I tried!
I can't decide wether you're right
is it them or is it me?
or is it simply foam on the sea?

I saw the gestures on the surface
(just buffonery in circles)
notorious nuance of novelty
(we were dancing quietly)
but when it changed into a sudden glimpse of truth
it's been not new for you and me

so you closed the door and left the past
I wonder why it took so long at last
it's the only chance for me
you know it's been not easy
I don't know why you belied

if you need someone
someone else to depend upon
you are stranded
if you need someone
turn around and take another seat
hear the punchline of the joke
that you often told to me
oh yes, I bleed

you are stranded
with me

 Text: Andre Kreutzmann (11.02.1993)
 Album: Creeps (1998)
day after day
newspaper influence with a photograph
I see a poor neglected boy
asylum's been a perfect alibi
he's not mature to understand

who shall be forgiven?
system, parents, education, him or what?
you sow the seed in the children's soul
and wonder why they turn in ricochets
are you mature to understand?

who go wrong
stir up a bias
just too long
that we take over
and trim one's sail
to the righteous winds
who go wrong
stir up a bias
just too long
that we take over
I can't decide
between good and bad

I can't take it anymore
be sure that I can't take it
I take it anymore

three children died
only because you've been bored in this night
a family wiped out
dependence vegetate in dispair
this is the truth of today?

right now
I hope you see
I hope you feel
it's the righteous wind

we got the movement
we do abuse them
but we linger over our groove, man!
we gotta catch them
shut up them
that's the way you wanna put an end, man!
can you trust your neighbourhood?
the people spread too much blood
I just can't define if I'm gonna trust in you
I know your anger
but I gotta ask ya
d'ya know the meaning of motherfucking love, man?
I gonna send you
to the moon
see you bleeding on the sidewalk soon

 Text: Andre Kreutzmann (Herbst 1993)
 Album: unveröffentlicht
eyes opened wide
watchin' blindly for the tide
makin' misery your bride
and she's so good for you

takin' pain for pleasure
point of view wherever I stand now
waitin' for the lies
soothing and enticing you

saving days in formalin
that's the way of craving for tomorrow!
waitin for the lies
soothing and enticing you

you can't deny
a glint of rapture in your eye
so the day's another lie
so they might be true

you put aside
what an ocean could not hide
and your eyes are open wide
searching for the blue

 Text: Andreas Vogt (März 2001)
 Album: MoRain - Multimedia (2002)
you're the best guy, that's what the others said
but this dictum scares you
is it that what you want?
how long does it take until
they notice what you already know
is it that what you want?
how long does it take until
the front facade is going to tear down
is it that what you want?

do you really want to engage
in this kind of business?
being pressed in a stencil
others choose your perspective
is it that what you want?

you don't know why
so you have to cry
you wish that all would change
but it seems
like a big unpunished lie

it's a schizophrenic game
and you won't fall out of the frame
is it that what you want?
be as you are and break out of cliché
present your average dislike without a shame
without a shame

 Text: Andreas Vogt, Melanie Göllner (Herbst 1993)
 Album: unveröffentlicht
he doesn't know why
full of longing for a sigh
afraid about the future
he wanted to change place with everyone

years ago
he knew her
they could take it for granted
without this evening nothing would have happened

without this half an hour
a fire is burning til the dawn
bliss for this is burning for one night
like a beauty short vacation
that extinguished the candle light

around, around, spinnin' around

 Text: Andreas Vogt (Okober 1994)
 Album: unveröffentlicht
I'm the halo 'round the moon
in vermilion places now
vertical sealed book

leaving subterranean
and now you gonna save me
in the way I always want to

I can't hurt you anymore
you better like what you see!
who knows the way I use to say
I need vermilion

I'm the halo round the moon
I make a beeline for a mess
you call macabre

I have never been so far
inside myself
just take me to the place
close to vermilion now

I can't hurt you anymore
I can't hurt you anymore
it's the time to reappear
or for receding

never believed in
what you know and what you say!
don't leave me this way!

 Text: Andre Kreutzmann (Mai 2001)
 Album: MoRain (2002)
come and picture all my mind
I like your style
I know your kind
take your time
see you on sunday
be the artist
I'm your crowd
when you tell me all about
past and present
it`s at last your way

no one's longing for the rain
at this time of year again

and the sun will hit the sky
with the rhythm of the tide

a sugar taste inside your veins
when you see the passing trains
fun-receptors running dry
on your way to southern pole
the weather-forecast stole your soul
say no words
you look like ice today

take a reason and a lie
when you're dizzy here up high
just select an alibi
then I promise you can smile

and the sun will hit the sky
with the rhythm of the tide

 Text: Andreas Vogt, Kevin Schulz (Januar 2000)
 Album: MoRain - Multimedia (2002)
I know you're the stain on my soul
your tongue is snow-white
but dismayed on the phone
I'm exposed to the right
when I tell all your lies
to somebody else

a dayboarder
ruthless to take
by the scruff of your neck
a sleepwalker's parade
on the way to your bed
then you gave me a name
of somebody else

I would have given you all my life
took so long 'til the truth went into the light
now I know that I hate you
want to fake you
by my side

ambition has used my regard
was the jailer in me
in the game from the start
part of your heresy
and the cup that I held
went to somebody else

now I know that I hate you
want to say that I break you
feel that I'm here on my own
by my side

 Text: Andreas Vogt, Andre Kreutzmann (April 1999)
 Album: Leaving The Frame (1999), MoRain (2002), Out Of The Frame (2006)
hello girl
make me a present with your laughter
and put the sun in a shadow for a while
don't think about tomorrow
let the reality fade out for a while

let us turn into the sunside
let us slide down the rainbow
and the tender ribbon
that will connect us
will be strong as a rope

 Text: Andreas Vogt (1995)
 Album: Live im Proberaum (1995)
you're mean
but still you're pretty
you're pretty twisted I would say
I guess you'd even get me straight if I was gay

please stay away - and I say

you're a beauty
a cutie
please don't get me wrong
that ain't your song

now that I'm thinking about it
I never knew if you was true
I'd rather dedicate it to someone not like you

not like you
might be true - and I say

you're a beauty
a cutie
please don't get me wrong
that ain't your song

I'm not your fool
I wrote this song
but not for you - and I say

that ain't your song

just not yours
that ain't your song

 Text: Karsten Täuber (Mai 2001)
 Album: MoRain - Multimedia (2002)


Songs, die nur einen Arbeitstitel oder einen improvisierten Text (bzw. keinen Text) hatten und nicht fertiggestellt wurden:

Bleach White

 Andreas Vogt - Frühjahr 1994
Das Grunge-Fieber der frühen Neunziger war hier deutlich zu spüren. Aber Alfeld ist nicht Seattle, Dirk! Trotzdem: garnicht mal soooo schlecht... der Song erinnerte an Jill.

Fanke  Andreas Vogt - April 2001
Als "richtiger Song" konnte sich Fanke nicht durchsetzen, aber als Fast-Instumental eignete er sich großartig für das Intro-Video von Live im Studio der MoRain-Multimedia-CD!

I Didn't Made The World  Emilio Acosta - April 1993
Der einzige Beitrag von Emilio. Ein laues Nümmerchen, dafür eine große Grammatik-Katastrophe!

Run-Away Song  Andre Kreutzmann - 1997
Eine belanglose Song-Idee aus der Pre-Creeps-Zeit. Tatsächlich eher zum Weglaufen!

Sarajevo Child  Andreas Vogt - Winter 1992
Im Original How Will I Know. Der wohl älteste Song von MoRain überhaupt! Nach unzähligen Versuchen, das Teil in irgendeine Form zu bringen, wurde es verworfen - und endete als ewiger Running-Gag bei Proben.

21st Century (Digital Boy)

Bad Religion
 Landvolk Café, Alfeld - 16.04.1998
 Mensa, Universität Höxter - 07.05.1998

A Holly Jolly Christmas Johnny Marks
 Xmas-CD - Dezember 2015

Buddy Holly Weezer
 Der Song wurde nur bei Proben gespielt (Mai 1998)

Christmas Is Going To The Dogs

Mark Oliver Everett
 Xmas-CD - Dezember 2021

David's Song Vladimir Cosma
 Sport-Casino, Duingen - 29.10.1994 (als Intrumental)

Do You Hear What I Hear? Gloria Shayne Baker, Noël Regney
 Xmas-CD - Dezember 2013

Do They Know It's Christmas? Bob Geldof, Midge Ure
 Xmas-CD - Dezember 2012

Eine Muh, Eine Mäh

Wilhelm Lindemann
 Xmas-CD - Dezember 2019

Evangeline Matthew Sweet
 Der Song wurde nur bei Proben gespielt (1993-1994)

Fairytale Of New York The Pogues
 Xmas-CD - Dezember 2017

Fall At Your Feet Crowded House
 Landvolk Café, Alfeld - 03.08.1996
 Sportplatz, Duingen (Local Derby I) - 24.08.1996

Feliz Navidad José Feliciano
 Xmas-CD - Dezember 2013

Foolish Games Jewel
 Leo, Alfeld - 18.04.2003

Fröhliche Weihnacht Überall (Medley) Englische und deutsche Weihnachts-Traditionals,
Hoffmann von Fallersleben (Text zu: Morgen kommt der Weihnachtsmann)
 Xmas-CD - Dezember 2011

Frosty The Snowman Walter "Jack" Rollins, Steve Nelson
 Xmas-CD - Dezember 2012

Gem Paradies Brady Bunch
 Treff, Alfeld (Local Derby III) - 13.06.1998

Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer

Randy Brooks
 Xmas-CD - Dezember 2020


London Stationer's Company, September 1580
 Xmas-CD - Dezember 2014

Happy Xmas (War Is Over)

John Lennon
 Xmas-CD - Dezember 2019

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing Hallelujah

Charles Wesley, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Leonard Cohen
 Xmas-CD - Dezember 2018
It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Meredith Willson
 Xmas-CD - Dezember 2014
Jingle Bells James Lord Pierpont
 Xmas-CD - Dezember 2006

Leise Rieselt Der Schnee Alte Volksweise, Eduard Ebel
 Xmas-CD - Dezember 2012

Let It Snow! Sammy Cahn, Jule Styne
 Xmas-CD - Dezember 2007

O Holy Night Adolphe Adam, John Sullivan Dwight
 Xmas-CD - Dezember 2022

Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree Johnny Marks
 Xmas-CD - Dezember 2016

Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer

Johnny Marks
 Xmas-CD - Dezember 2008
Run Snow Patrol
 Xmas-CD - Dezember 2022

Santa Claus Is Coming John Frederick Coots, Haven Gillespie
 Xmas-CD - Dezember 2004

Song 2 Blur
 Der Song war fester Bestandteil des Live-Sets 1998-1999

Stille Nacht Franz Xaver Huber
 Xmas-CD - Dezember 2006

Take Me Home H-Blockx
 Der Song war fester Bestandteil des Live-Sets 1999

The Power Of Love Frankie Goes To Hollywood
 Xmas-CD - Dezember 2009

The Rains of Castamere

Ramin Djawadi, George R. R. Martin
 Xmas-CD - Dezember 2019

White Christmas Irving Berlin
 Xmas-CD - Dezember 2002

Winter Wonderland Felix Bernard, Richard B. Smith
 Xmas-CD - Dezember 2003

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