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Diz Minnitt: Elgiva Hall, Chesham - 21.11.1981 – Photo by Diz Minnitt

"Fish and I were living in Ettrick Bridge in a five bedroom holiday cottage called "Hawkshaw". We managed to live there after Fish had convinced the estate agency to open the cottage over the winter and that we were a band called Sirius (cue "you can’t be Sirius" joke here) who needed somewhere to write over the winter. The pre-Marillion version of Garden Party (just bass and vocals and very different to the later Marillion version – it sounded as good as this description of it sounds 🙂) was from memory included on the demo that we sent to the band prior to moving down to Aston Clinton on 1st January 1981."

"It was Mick that I called when I phoned about the advert for bass player/vocalist, and had the original conversation from the phone box in Ettrick Bridge while Fish was in the pub. As I only had one 10p piece I had to get Mick him to call me back, "Where’s Ettrick Bridge?" "Scottish Borders… but don’t worry about that". The trickiest part was initially convincing Mick that they didn’t need a singing bass player, what they needed was a bass player and a strong frontman/vocalist. Once we had that discussion it opened the communications, and we sent them a tape, and they did the same. Fish took over the communications (happy for him to do that)… although to be accurate Derek took over the communications as that is how I knew him until the point we joined Marillion, and he introduced himself as FISH 🙂"
(Diz Minnitt)

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Red Lion Pub, Bicester – 14.03.1981

Marillion’s first show – Photos by Diz Minnitt, edited by Andre Kreutzmann

Bandphotos by Justin Thomas – early 1982

Photos by Diz Minnitt, edited by Andre Kreutzmann

The Marquee Club, London – 07.03.1982

Photos by Diz Minnitt, edited by Andre Kreutzmann

Diz’ Scrapbook

Receipts for Fish’s first microphone and boom stand – 25.10.1980
Receipt for lodgings at Ettrick Bridge (Diz and Fish) – 16.12.1980
The Bell, Maidenhead – 10.05.1981: Logo (from blank poster), never used again!
Newspaper report, May 1981: Five Bands At Friars
Friars Aylesbury – 29.05.1981: Schedule
Oxon Sound Studios, Watlington – 18.07.-19.07.1981: Handwritten Lyrics by Fish
  • Oxon Sound Studios, Watlington – 18.07.-19.07.1981: Track List of Charting The Single
  • EMI Records, London – 1981: Refusal Letter by Ashley Goodall
  • Walton Garden Party, Aylesbury – 21.07.1981: Concert Poster
    The Bucks Herald, 30.07.1981: Walton get-together (report)
    Newspaper report, July 1981: Spirit Of the Sixties (advertising Friars)
    Friars Aylesbury – 01.08.1981: Ads
    Friars Aylesbury – 01.08.1981: Flyer and backstage pin
    Sounds – September 1981: Press Ad for Roxon Demo and tourdates
    City Hall, St. Albans – 14.09.1981: Diz’ Backstage Pass
    City Hall, St. Albans – 14.09.1981: Ticket
    Polytechnic, Oxford – 26.10.1981: Backstage Pass
  • Maxwell Hall, Aylesbury (Friars) – 31.10.1981: Review by M.P. (Bucks Herald?)
  • Saliva Tears Tour ’81-’82: Diz’ T-Shirt
    Saliva Tears Tour ’81 – November 1981: Flyer
    Scamps, Oxford – 04.11.1981: Ticket
    Electric Stadium, Chadwell Heath (London): November Programme
    Elgiva Hall, Chesham – 21.11.1981: Photos
  • The Mad Hatter, Luton – 23.11.1981: Ad (show was cancelled)
  • Starting Gate, Milton Keynes – 24.12.1981: Coach Ticket
    The Kensington, Kensington (London) – 02.02.1982: Photos
  • Bangor University (The Curved Lounge), Bangor – 11.02.1982: Concert Poster
  • 20.02.1982: Cheque from "Auntie Beeb" and own cheque
  • College Of Technology, Canterbury – 26.02.1982: Concert Poster