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TV Appearances - 1987


Interview with Fish and Pete Trewavas - Rock Report - April 1987

Incommunicado (Lipsync) - Unknown TV Channel/Show - May 1987

Parco dei Torchi, Nervi (Genoa) - Videomusic In Concert - 06.07.1987

Script For A Jester's Tear (excerpt) + White Russian (Live)

Hotel Hobbies + Warm Wet Circles + That Time Of the Night (Live)

The Last Straw (Live)


Sugar Mice (Lipsync) - The Roxy - 21.07.1987

Warm Wet Circles (Lipsync) - Na Siehste! - 30.11.1987

"Can't remember what show this was filmed for but think a German station on a pre tour promo trip as Victoria "Toots" Hurry our wardrobe assistant (yes we had one back then - armed with fire extinguisher) is the lady on backing vocals rather than Corrie Josias who was our vocalist on the live gigs... The song was obviously mimed!

Toots did wardrobe on the "Vigil" tour before working on Tina Turner's tour where she met a security guy who she married and moved to Australia with to raise a family."
Fish @ facebook, 23.02.2016

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Incommunicado (Lipsync) - The Kenny Everett Television Show - 30.11.1987

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