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Club/College/Pub Shows – Leg 1

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The Roxon Tape

  • July

Marillion, an Aylesbury five-piece, who freely admit the marked Genesis influence both in their writing and performance, release a limited-edition, privately-recorded cassette this week. The three-track tape runs for 15 minutes and features He Knows You Know, Garden Party and Charting The Single and is available for £1,25 from 13 Winchester House, Bishops Walk, Aylesbury, Bucks…Sounds, August 1981

Club/College/Pub Shows – Leg 2

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Saliva Tears Tour ’81-’82 – Leg 1

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“Mark’s arrival made everyone aware of the limitations of the others,” remarks Fish. But there was no time to worry about such things, not yet.Jon Collins: Marillion/Separated Out (2003), page 23